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Dragoboss Co-Owner posted Mar 11, 17

My dear Berrians,

After quite a bit of work and some time, I think I should tell you the newest bit of server news:
As of a few days ago we have a secondary server running besides the BerryCraft server we all know and love.
Unlike our main server, this server is truly fully vanilla gameplay. No homes, no warps, no tpa, etc.

PVP is fully enabled in this server, too.
At this moment, other than our standard chat rules and anti-hacking rules (including but not limited to X-Ray) there are no gameplay-limiting rules set for this server.
You can access our full-vanilla server through /server vanilla, after which you can port back to our main server with /server main.
When in the vanilla server you can still chat with your besties playing on the main server, simply make sure both of you join the /b channel in your respective servers.

The vanilla server will have 30 slots, the main server has 70, totalling up to 100 players on both our servers.
Happy Craftin'!

Alrighty. The results for February are in.
Let's start with the build contest winners!

Our first place winner of the Valentine build competition is Starla68 and she will receive 250 berries as her prize!
Second place goes to redpanda263 and she will receive 150 berries.
The third place build winner is Ghtthg, he will be rewarded 75 berries.


February was the second month of our monthly voting contest and as expected, the vote count went up a bit since January.
Here are the winners and their rewards:

ImFinnaWeed with 110 votes      ---> 125 Berries
Missbunnyz with 91 votes            ---> 75 Berries
redpanda263 with 85 votes         ---> Honorable mention and 1,500 in-game dollhairs.

Hope everyone had a great February! Good luck with this month's contests! :)